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Have you taken careful steps to plan for the future of your estate? Regardless of your age, health, or level of income, we strongly advise you to take the proper steps towards building an effective estate plan. At Richard A. Heller, P.A., we have helped clients navigate through the estate planning process, giving them peace of mind and security as they look ahead to their futures.

Our Winter Park estate planning lawyer can assist you with estate administration, probate litigation, power of attorney, wills, and trusts.

Understand the Probate Process

Probate court proceedings can cause additional and unnecessary stress, as well as heavy financial burdens upon the family members left behind. The process can take months or even years to complete and is a very public matter which reveals some of your private financial affairs. Court costs and other legal fees can be expensive and may substantially decrease the value of the estate, reducing the amount inherited by to the heirs of the estate. This process may also lead to complex legal and litigation disputes regarding the conditions and terms of the estate to each heir, as well as individuals who believe that they have been unfairly denied their share of the estate.

When probate was, and is, necessary, we have helped numerous individuals navigate through the complexities of the probate process. If you are involved in the probate process or probate litigation, we can represent your interests effectively and knowledgeably. We understand the laws that affect your situation and can help ensure that the process is conducted correctly and fairly. Due to the serious and complex nature of probate, we strongly advise you against facing the legal system alone. In many cases you must have an attorney representing the probate estate. Enlist our supportive assistance as soon as possible.

If you have been named the heir of your deceased loved ones estate, we can help you validate the will and settle the descendant's estate. If your loved one did not write a will, we are fully equipped and qualified to help you navigate through the complexities of distributing the property pursuant to Florida law. We understand that this is likely a very difficult time for both you and your family. As such, we will personally handle each aspect of your case with the care and respect that you deserve.

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With an effective estate plan in place, you have the opportunity to better dictate who will receive property or assets. Engaging in estate planning will greatly benefit your loved ones and grant you invaluable confidence knowing that your wishes will be observed upon your passing. When choosing a representative, select an attorney with the experience to ensure your interests will be fully protected. Without the right representation, your will or trust could be bypassed or dismissed as invalid.

Our Winter Park estate planning attorneys know how to help you achieve your goals concerning the division of your assets and the future of your estate. Our firm recognizes the difficulties associated with these kinds of cases. As such, we will compassionately guide you through this legal process.

It's Never To Early To Plan For Your Future & The Future Of Your Loved Ones.
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