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Legal Custody: Protecting the Rights of Parents for 20+ Years

Divorce is not easy. When children are involved, this difficult process becomes much more complex, adding issues of issues of custody and support that must be resolved in each child's best interests. In such situations, an experienced family lawyer is vital to providing the legal counsel and representation necessary for your situation. Contact our firm today to consult with an experienced legal professional concerning your case.

At Richard A. Heller, P.A. we address issues and disputes related to child custody with the highest level of legal skill. Since 1990, our Winter Park child custody lawyers have helped thousands of clients navigate complex family law cases. Additionally, our uncompromising commitment to affordable, ethical service has led our founding attorney to receive a BV® Distinguished™ Rating from Martindale-Hubbell®. We are prepared to help you work toward a result that benefits you and your children.

Benefits of Legal Custody

Unlike physical custody, which grants a parent the ability to live with their child, legal custody enables a parent to make critical decisions that affect their child's life. Though often closely related to physical custody, this parental right may be shared or issued on its own, regardless of whether or not you are physically present with your child. In any case, physical custody preserves your ability to guide your child's future.

With legal custody, you maintain a say in the following areas:

  • Your child's schooling
  • Their healthcare
  • Their religious instruction
  • Their extracurricular activities
  • Anything requiring parental permission

Because legal custody directly influences your child's welfare, it remains an important aspect of parental rights. Our attorneys can help you maintain custodial rights in the years during and after divorce and, if necessary, help you obtain a modification when your current arrangement no longer serves its purpose.

Why fight for custody?

Sharing legal custody is a common way to expedite divorce proceedings. Under the terms of joint custody, both parties hold equal decision-making power and must make key decisions together. Judges often favor joint custody as a means of benefitting parents and children; however, this is not always the best option. In some circumstances, it is best to fight for full legal custody to ensure that decisions are made in your child's best interest.

Any of the following may be reason to seek sole physical custody:

  • You and your ex-spouse cannot agree on joint decisions
  • Either parent has moved to a distant state or city
  • Your former spouse abuses or neglects your children
  • The other parent spends little to no time with your children

The final agreement you make in a divorce will impact you and your children for years. Whether you are beginning the divorce process or have already been divorced for months or years, you can work with our firm to secure an ideal custody plan. Our divorce attorneys have handled numerous child custody cases and genuinely care about you, your children and the outcome of your case. Contact us to retain the aid of a compassionate legal team.

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