Creditor Harassment

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Creditors know exactly what they are doing when they make repeated phone calls at odd hours of the day and use intimidation to get you to pay up. Even if you are experiencing a relatively low level of harassment from a lender or collection service, speak up right away and refuse to be bullied.

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What Constitutes Creditor Harassment in Florida?

As a result of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”), debt collectors around the country are strictly limited in what they can do to convince you to pay off your debts. Florida also has what is known as the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (“FCCPA”), which creates additional protections for citizens of the Sunshine State on top of those issued in the FDCPA.

There are many ways a creditor can engage in abusive behavior and harm consumers in efforts to collect on debts. Call our firm right away if your debt collector or lender resorts to any of the following:

  • Sending mail or documents intended to look like legal documents or government paperwork
  • Impersonating law enforcement
  • Pretending to act as a government agent or employee
  • Pretending to be an attorney or other legal representative
  • Talking to other third parties (friends, neighbors, etc.) about your debt or threatening to do so
  • Talking to your employer about your debt or threatening to do so
  • Using abusive, violent, inappropriate, or vulgar language in order to intimidate you
  • Suing you in a court that is too far for you to reasonably travel and contest the lawsuit
  • Communicating with you, even when you have informed them that an attorney is representing you
  • Pretending to have involved a lawyer
  • Sending mail that is potentially embarrassing or outwardly reveals your debt
  • Calling you after 9:00 at night or before 8:00 in the morning
  • Any behavior that amounts to harassment, such as stalking, excessive calling, etc.

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You don’t have to tolerate unjust or illegal behavior from lenders or debt collectors. Even if you do owe them money, you do not have to be subject to such unlawful and abusive behavior. At Richard A. Heller, P.A., our Winter Park bankruptcy attorneys are well-versed in the finer points of the FDCPA and the FCCPA, and we are prepared to do everything in our power to ensure you are treated with maximum fairness during your debt conflict or bankruptcy.

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