Why Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

In recent years, our state has been hard economically, and many people in the Orlando area have suffered some very difficult financial times. Over this period of time, there has also been a big increase in people litigating divorce, custody, and child support matters. Unfortunately, many of these people are making an enormous mistake by attempting to resolve these critical issues on their own, and trying to save money by not hiring a lawyer.

Risks of Not Hiring a Winter Park Divorce Attorney 

Any family law or divorce matter that could involve support or property division, whether assets or debts, can lead to heavy financial losses if not correctly managed. Some people who have failed to hire an attorney later are even forced filing for bankruptcy, which may not have occurred had they hired a lawyer that is highly experienced in negotiating or litigating divorce and family law matters.

It has been said that a person representing themselves has a fool for a lawyer, and there is a reason that adage has stood the test of time. You can save yourself a few thousand dollars by not hiring a lawyer. Unfortunately, you may end up losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars if you try to resolve a divorce or family law issue without an attorney. For example, it is well worth it to spend a few thousand dollars to save yourself $20,000.

Our firm offers a free consultation to those who have family law matters that must be resolved. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose by meeting with us. Take advantage of it to see whether it is worth your while in your case to hire an attorney. It is the smartest move you can make.

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